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Clinical Application of Polysialylated Deoxyribonuclease and Erythropoietin

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Development, validation and application of a polysialylation-dependent FVIII activity assay to measure SHP656 (BAX 0826), a next generation extended half-life recombinant factor VIII product

Laboratory tests;
Date: 17.02.2017


Nonclinical Safety of SHP 826 (BAX 826), a Next Generation Extended Half-Life Recombinant Factor VIII Product

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Development of BAX 826, a Polysialylated Full-Length rFVIII with Significantly Improved PK Properties

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Pharmacokinetics of BAX 826, a Polysialylated Full-Length rFVIII, in Hemophilia a Mice, Rats, and Cynomolgus Monkeys

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Future of coagulation factor replacement therapy



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PolyXen™ Technology

PEGS 2018; May 1, 2018; Boston, MA


Efficacy of BAX 826, a Polysialylated Full-length rFVIII, in Mouse Models of Hemophilia A

WFH World Congress; July 24–28, 2016; Orlando, USA


Interaction of BAX 826 (PSAylated rFVIII) With VWF and LRP1 – An in vitro and in vivo Assessment

WFH World Congress; July 24–28, 2016; Orlando, USA


Utilising polysialylation technology to enhance delivery of peptide and protein therapeutics

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Advances in polysialylation technology

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Polysialylation: Next generation to PEGylation

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Phase I/II clinical studies with polysialylated insulin (SuliXen®) and erythropoietin (ErepoXen®)

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