PolyXen - Partnered Drug Delivery Programs

Program Indication Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Partners
PolyXen® Next Generation Delivery Platform for Biologics Takeda

Active Partnership with Takeda (receiving royalties under license agreement)

PolyXen is a patent-protected enabling platform technology designed for protein or peptide therapeutics. It uses the natural polymer polysialic acid (PSA) to prolong a drug's circulating half-life and potentially improve other pharmacological properties. PolyXen has been demonstrated in human clinical trials to confer extended half-life to biotherapeutics such as recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO) and recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII).

Xenetic is leveraging PolyXen by partnering with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The Company has an exclusive license agreement with Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. in the field of coagulation disorders and receives royalty payments under this agreement.

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