Our Intellectual Property

We hold more than 200 issued or allowed patents with 40 in the United States and an additional 161 international patents, and we have approximately 100 pending patent applications worldwide. All our patents are held in our UK wholly owned subsidiary.

We have drug candidates under various stages of development, each protected by patent and pending patent applications in the U.S. with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, and in certain other developed countries. 

Our patent strategy is to file patent applications on innovations and improvements in those jurisdictions that comprise the major pharmaceutical markets in the world or locations where a pharmaceutical may be manufactured. These jurisdictions include, but are not limited to the U.S., United Kingdom (U.K.), Australia, Japan, Canada, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, Russia and certain other countries in the European Union (E.U.) and Asia, though we do not necessarily file a patent application in each of these jurisdictions for every patent family.

We strive to protect and enhance the proprietary technologies that we believe are important to our business, including seeking and maintaining patents intended to cover our products and compositions, their methods of use and any other inventions that are important to the development of our business. We also rely on trade secrets to protect aspects of our business that are not amenable to, or that we do not consider appropriate for, patent protection.