We advance certain of our drug candidates through a combination of conducting our own in-house research and through the use of contract manufacturing and contract research organizations. Together with our collaborative partners, we are focused on developing our pipeline of next generation bio-therapeutics and novel orphan drugs in oncology, based on our core technologies.

Operating under Xenetic licenses within their home markets, our collaborators generate pre-clinical and clinical data related to our technologies across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas. We retain all rights for major markets and co-own the clinical data which affords us the opportunity to utilize the data in our decision making process regarding commercialization in major markets.

To learn more about partnering with us, contact bd@xeneticbio.com.

Funding proof of concept trials and full clinical trial programs

We have partnered with Pharmsynthez, a leading Russian pharmaceutical company and the Company's largest shareholder, to apply certain of our technologies to selected drug and vaccine candidates. We are providing scientific and technological knowhow to Pharmsynthez scientists to allow candidate optimization. Some of these product candidates target rare disease indications. Pharmsynthez will fund proof of concept trials and any further clinical trial programs in the Russian Federation, and we will have access to all relevant clinical data.