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Xemys ImuXen Multiple Sclerosis
Preclinical Phase complete
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Phase 3 Phase not started
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Pharmsynthez is conducting a Phase I open label clinical sequential dose finding study for subcutaneously administered Xemys (liposomes containing peptides for basic myelin protein) in healthy volunteers and patients. The study is being conducted in Russia. Six healthy volunteers were given a single subcutaneous low dose of Xemys. No safety concerns have been noted thus far. Nine Multiple Sclerosis (MS), patients were then given weekly, increasing doses of Xemys to identify the maximum tolerated dose. The dosing was completed and the patients are now being monitored. No safety concerns were identified thus far. An additional 12 patients will next be recruited for multiple doses at the maximum tolerated dose for the third stage of this clinical trial. The total cost for the clinical trial is being borne by Pharmsynthez. The clinical material was manufactured by Pharmsynthez. The clinical trial is being run by OCT of Russia.